What makes Cardiff an ideal city for students?

When you decide to study in Cardiff, you will have a wonderful time for many reasons. It is the capital city of Wales but nonetheless it is easy to get around. While the safe and friendly environment will make you feel at home right away. In Cardiff, you can study in beautiful ancient buildings at one of its great universities. If you like nature, especially horses, then Cardiff is the city to be. Because the hills on its outskirts bound Cardiff you will find beautiful places to hike, and spend time with the lovely Welsh mountain ponies.

shutterstock_457523236Top education, cheap living, culture and nature

Search schools nationwide and abroad and you will find Cardiff University among the best, as it is a top five UK university. You will meet a lot of interesting people among the large student population. Which is also a reason why it is a cheap place to live, as student budgets are considered. Furthermore, Cardiff is a great place for culture lovers; you can visit archaeological sites and plenty of castles, like Cardiff Castle. Ponies have been living in Wales for thousands of years; it is therefore not a surprise, Cardiff is home to a riding school where you can learn all about them.

Cardiff equals fun, culture, top education, and horses!

Riding a pony is a great way to explore the many amazing and wild nature areas. Ponies are to this day used as working animals in Wales, but mostly they are kept as pets. At Cardiff riding school you can learn about all the aspects of horse riding and of course how to take good care of your four-legged friend. Located on 35 acres of parkland it is also a beautiful place to be, while it is still close to the city centre. So if you love horses, value excellent education opportunities, in a friendly, modern but natural environment then Cardiff is the ideal city for you as a student!