Top 2 Universities To Consider In Wales

Wales, being part of Great Britain, offers stunning countryside views, great cities – like Cardiff or Swansea to visit, and much more. As a part of the United Kingdom and Great Britain, Wales has played a vital role in the Commonwealth’s history. Currently a popular holiday destination for other Brits, Wales dates back to the 5th century, when Romans left Britain. It has an estimated population of about 3 million and attracts more and more people. Recently, not only as a summer retreat, but also as a place of permanent or semi-permanent residence. More and more youth pick Wales as their study place of choice.

shutterstock_303274298Cardiff or Swansea?

It comes as no surprise, that the best universities in the region are situated in the biggest and most known cities of Cardiff and Swansea. Cardiff University has been named the best in Wales for several years in a row. It offers a wide variety of programs to chose from. Consider Swansea University to secure a safe path to employment – over 81% of graduates get hired almost immediately! If you would like to study in Wales, there are many websites, that offer detailed information on studying both there and in other regions of the world. One of them is for example

Find your inner dragon

The red dragon is not present on the Welsh flag by accident. It is a country of brave people, who fight for what they believe in. Wales has plenty to offer, also regarding higher education. Choosing an academic degree in Wales is a great chance to get to know the country better and to learn more about its rich history and how much impact it had on whole Great Britain over the years. It is also probably the only place, where you can listen to and learn Welsh, if you are interested in learning a new language.