The history of Swansea City AFC

Swansea AFC is currently struggling. The 1-3 loss against Manchester United last weekend, further articulated, that this year will be a tough ride for the best Wales team, with their primary concern being to stay in the Premiere League. Swansea was founded in 1912, then it got the name Swansea Town AFC, a name which was changed in 1969, when the town of Swansea changed its status to city. They have spent the first 50 years of their history, roaming in the lower leagues, until the late seventies, when they started their climb up the ladder.

shutterstock_412129348League cup winners 2013

In 2011 they reached the Premiere League, after being a stable Championship team for a few years. They defeated Reading in the playoff game on Wembely stadium with 4-2. Since then, they have been playing in the Premiere League. In 2013 they won their first big title, after defeating Bradford with 5-0 in the league cup finals. The latter years they have been recognised for trying to implement a “tiki taka” like playing style, the style which Barcelona represents, an unusual choice for teams in the lower half of the table, who usually try a more cynical approach to the game. Are you considering studying in Swansea? Check out

Most famous players

Swansea’s history is pretty short of players, whom you have heard about. Most of them are quite anonymous on the big scene, but they have the status of cult players among the Swansea fans. Some examples are Lee Trundle, Leon Britton, Alan Tate and Michu. Since this year, Fernando Llorente, who has a bunch of World and European cup titles with Spain’s national team under his belt, is playing as a central attacker. The to-be-or-not-to-be of Swansea in the highest division this year is most likely going to be a tight race. The club has put Wales on the football map and will most likely continue to do so.