Sampling Welsh Cuisine

One of the great things about visiting Wales is that there are lots of unique dishes for people to try. The cuisine tends to be rather hearty and although meat and potatoes are among the main staples in the local diet, many restaurants and cafes also offer vegetarian alternatives to traditional Welsh dishes. Here are some of the types of food that the country is famous for.

Welsh Rarebit

Welsh RarebitThis is a dish of specially seasoned melted cheese that is poured over toasted bread. It makes a great snack or as a side dish to eat with soup or another type of light bite. Many Welsh people also eat this dish for breakfast.

Glamorgan Sausages

Vegetarians can rejoice as this traditional type of sausage does not contain any meat or skin. Instead, Glamorgan sausages are mainly maid from locally produced cheese such as Caerphilly cheese or cheddar that is blended with chopped leek or spring onion and then coated with breadcrumbs and rolled into shapes to resemble sausages before they are cooked. This is another great side dish or a snack to eat when trekking.


This is one of the most famous dishes in Wales and has been eaten by local people for centuries. Cawl is a type of meat broth that typically features boiled bacon and vegetables that is slowly cooked for several hours and these days it often features potatoes as well to make it heartier.

Welsh Cakes

Known as pice ar y maen in Welsh, the name of this traditional dish translates to cakes on the stone in reference to the fact that they are traditionally cooked on a bakestone. Although these days a griddle is more commonly used, these round spiced cakes still taste delicious both hot and cold and can be eaten plain or with butter or sugar on the top.